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NO Hoof, no horse

There are several components to having strong healthy hooves which includes, routine hoof trimming, balanced forage based diet, lots of movement, correct body posture through bodywork and regular dentistry.


Nutrition Info

Horses should have access to free choice forage as they are mean't to graze 16+ hours per day. Hay can be fed in slow feed hay nets. I personally use Hay Chix nets. 

Vermont Blend is a vitamin and mineral supplement that balances New England's hay and pasture. It can be purchased here. Use code MOORE10 for 10% off

Other forage balancers: California Trace Plus and Mad Barn Amino Trace +

I recommend mixing the forage balancer of your choice with Standlee Timothy pellets which can be purchased at Tractor Supply. I always wet the pellets to get the Vermont Blend to stick to the pellets. 

Flax seed is an excellent fat supplement that is high in Omega 3's which are anti-inflammatory. I recommend Triple Crown Naturals Golden Ground Flax or freshly ground flax seed.

Weight Gain Options: Coolstance Copra, Speedi Beet, Flax or Chaffehaye (note: some horses may be sensitive to alfalfa)

Vitamin E: Emcelle Tocopherol purchased here.

Dose depends on your horses level determined by Vit E testing. 2000-4000IU daily is average but can be up to 10,000IU/day. 

Thrush Treatment

Red Horse Products available for purchase at your next appointment:

Artimud 190ml

Artimud 500 ml

Field Paste 500ml

Hoof-Stuff 190ml

Hydrohoof 500ml

Sole Paint 500ml

Sole Cleanse 500ml

Honey Heel 190ml

Stronghorn 500ml

Information about Red Horse Products here.

For a preventative thrush routine I recommend either Sole Cleanse or Apple Cider Vinegar/water mixture sprayed on the hooves daily.

For severe cases of thrush I recommend White Lightning, Oxine AH, or Clean Trax soaks. 

Abscess Treatment:

Soak the hoof in warm water mixed with Apple Cider Vinegar for 20-30 minutes at least once daily until abscess bursts. Movement is key during a potential abscess as stall rest may prolong an abscess. Keep the hoof as clean as possible and check for any drainage. Hoof can be wrapped especially during muddy conditions.

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